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In Roberto Axpe’s workshop

With the experience I could absorb as a child in my parents’ jewellers shop and after studying Jewellery in the Barcelona Jewellers Guild I began work as a jeweller and since then, 1996, I have not parted from the trade.

With a dedication that could only be born of the passion of a person pursuing a dream after all this journey, in these years of professional maturity, I started my own brand, ROBERTO AXPE, my great dream. ROBERTO AXPE is the expression of the jewellery I love, designs full of the essence of the Mediterranean for the elegant and original women of today, carefully designed but above all comfortable jewels, made for living.

All my jewellery is designed by myself and made in my workshop, selecting the best hand-finished precious and semi precious stones from around the world. Behind all the methodical procedure that this process involves there hides a creativity that is constantly alert finding influences in the things that surround me, our Mediterranean life style, the elegance and the beauty of nature…

This is where I create unique pieces of jewellery inspired by Mediterranean life: the soul of my jewellery.

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